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Welding Machine TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse

Welding Machine TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse


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Land Freight


Welding Machine TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse

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Canaweld Inc. in Vaughan

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Quality Assurance



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Land Freight


The TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse has advanced TIG welding parameters that allow the user to fine-tune the TIG welding process to meet a variety of applications.

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About this item

  • Digital adjustment of all the welding parameters
  • Digital ammeter and voltmeter with welding current presetting and hold Function of the last read value
  • Full monitoring of the welding parameters
  • Welding process selector: TIG AC- TIG DC- TIG DC ‘Lift” – MMA
  • Welding mode selector: 2 Stroke – 4 Stroke – Cycle – Spot Timer


Unleash Precision Welding with the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse! At Canaweld, we take pride in providing the oil and gas industry with welding solutions that redefine excellence. Introducing the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse – a welding powerhouse that embodies power, intelligence, and versatility. Crafted to meet the demands of professional production TIG welders, this welding machine sets the standard for precision and performance. Unmatched Versatility The TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse empowers you with the freedom to choose between AC or DC TIG welding, including stainless steel, mild steel, or aluminum, as well as Stick welding. Whatever your welding application demands, this welding marvel delivers impeccable results, leaving no room for compromise. Power Meets Intelligence Equipped with advanced TIG welding parameters, the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse allows you to fine-tune your welding process, ensuring exceptional welds tailored to your specific applications. The easy-to-use interface with digital adjustment of all welding parameters puts you in complete control, simplifying your welding experience. Unparalleled Monitoring and Control Experience full monitoring of welding parameters with the digital ammeter and voltmeter, offering precise current presetting and a convenient hold function. The welding process selector enables seamless switching between TIG AC, TIG DC, TIG DC 'Lift,' and MMA modes, catering to diverse welding needs. Choose from 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke, Cycle, and Spot Timer modes with the welding mode selector, adding flexibility to your welding operations. Personalized Welding Programs The TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse takes customization to new heights, allowing you to store personalized welding programs, memorizing your preferred settings for each unique project. This feature streamlines your workflow and ensures consistency in every weld. Precision Pulse TIG Welding Achieve precision like never before with pulse TIG welding, adjustable from 0.5 up to 200 Hz, and take advantage of the "EASY PULSE" feature for added convenience. Fine-tune your welding experience with AC square wave balance and Balance Plus adjustments, as well as AC square wave frequency control. Unleash Your Creativity With the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse, you have the power to control the arc striking and arc dynamics with tungsten rod diameter presetting. Explore the wave selector with Square, Mixed, Sinusoidal, and Triangular options, providing you with endless possibilities for your welding projects. The Canaweld Promise As with all Canaweld products, the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse embodies durability, reliability, and excellence. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive 3-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Elevate your welding capabilities with the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse. Unleash precision welding like never before and let Canaweld be your trusted partner in achieving welding perfection. Embrace power, intelligence, and versatility with the TIG AC/DC 501 Pulse - Welding Perfected!

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